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Chartering for Livestock Carrier

Our Company has strong business relationships with the largest fleets of livestock transport vessels in the world, currently comprising 11 transport vessels.

The shipping fleet operates globally in accordance with International Maritime Organisations (IMO) regulatory frameworks and from Australia, additionally, in accordance with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) regulatory provisions of Marine Order 43 of the Navigation Act. 

We are aware that Animal welfare is a high priority and all our shipping vessels are equipped with the latest in livestock supply facilities, including modern feeding, watering and ventilation systems. Our Company is continually working to improve its operations and approach to animal care to ensure they meet or exceed national and international standards.

Port Agency Services for Livestock Carrier

Our Agency Department provides  a comprehensive range of port agency services to Livestock Carries in every port of Turkey.

We have ability to present at Izmir, Bandirma, Mersin, Tekirdag, Trabzon, Istanbul ports of Turkey with our offices during 24 hours uninterrupted services.

Agency Department' highly skilled and professional staff have an in-depth knowledge of the livestock shipments and understand the needs of Shipowners  and how to best achieve optimal results of operations.


The experienced operations and management team at ARIS, ensures the entire operations is carried out to guarantee best practice animal welfare outcomes, high quality supervision, positive returns for its Shipowners, and compliance with all regulatory requirements.

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